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  • Local moving companies – Keeping Time and Money in Line During a Move

    Local moving companies can save you time and money during relocation. National companies try to give their drivers the most work possible in order to maximize their profits. That means your move will likely not be at your ideal time or price. Using local moving companies gets around those problems. Local companies want to provide good customer service in order to keep their reputation solid. That means they will work with you to schedule your move. They also don’t have as much overhead as their national chain competitors. That often keeps your price down when you choose a local company over a national one.

    Save a Few Hundred Dollars When You Move Less

    Interstate moving companies generally charge you for every pound you move.The equation is simple. The less you move, the lower the moving charges will be. If you can shed some of your belongings, you will save money. When you know you will move, start looking at everything with a critical eye. If you have not used it for over a year, do you really need to move it? Will all your furniture fit into your new place? Do you have clothing from a couple of sizes ago? For everything you shed, the bill from interstate moving companies will go down.

    Protecting Your Furniture during a Move

    House moving companies can give you full service moving if you want. However, sometimes, you need to keep costs down and do some of it yourself. If you are trying to prepare larger pieces of furniture for moving, keep these tips in mind. First, protect edges with thick foam to prevent dents and dings. Use furniture wrap to hold it in place. Disassemble any larger pieces of furniture for easier moving. Protect any mirrors or glass tabletops by wrapping them in moving pads or special boxes. House moving companies can do these steps for you, but you can save money by doing some of it yourself.

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