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  • Long Distance Movers – Planning is Essential with Long Distance Moves

    Careful planning is necessary when dealing with long distance movers. It may be days before you get to your new home and the movers arrive. That means you need to have enough clothing and other supplies to get through those days. Make sure you know when the moving company is due to arrive at your new home. You do not want to take a side trip to grandmother’s house and get a call across country that the movers are waiting on your new doorstep. Keep your schedule in mind when it comes to long distance movers. That will keep your stress down and make the move easier.

    Long Distance Movers – Don’t Forget to Move These Items

    Long distance movers can help you get across country. But, do not forget to pack these easily forgotten items. Pick up items from the cleaners. It is common to overlook dry cleaning items. Make sure you get all your personal records transferred or get copies of them. This includes medical, dental, veterinarian, prescriptions, and education records. If you have to transfer banks, work on this well before moving day. Return all library books. Cancel club and gym memberships. After the long distance movers leave, get rid of anything left behind. It is a nice thing to do for those moving in after you.

    Moving – Keeping Costs Down While Moving Across Town or Across Country

    Keep moving costs down. You can do a few things to keep them under control. First, get estimates from at least three moving companies. This will give you an idea of what the costs might be. See if you can get used packing materials such as boxes from your grocery store. Ask friends and family for any newspapers, bubble wrap, or Styrofoam peanuts they might have. Use household towels and linens as packing materials as well. Do as much packing as possible before the moving van arrives. After the move, do the unpacking yourself. You should also handle disposal of the packing materials.

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