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  • Long Distance Moving – Don’t Forget to Walkthrough before the Movers Leave

    When in the midst of long distance moving, there is one thing you cannot forget. Make a final walk through before the movers leave. This means looking in every nook, cranny, attic, closet, storage room, and basement corner to make sure the movers have everything. If you forget to do this, and sign the bill of lading, your movers will drive off. To have these items shipped separately can cost you several hundred dollars or more. Most movers will ask you to do the walkthrough. But, some won’t. Before you complete long distance moving, do a simple walk through the house.

    Protecting Your Furniture during a Move

    House moving companies can give you full service moving if you want. However, sometimes, you need to keep costs down and do some of it yourself. If you are trying to prepare larger pieces of furniture for moving, keep these tips in mind. First, protect edges with thick foam to prevent dents and dings. Use furniture wrap to hold it in place. Disassemble any larger pieces of furniture for easier moving. Protect any mirrors or glass tabletops by wrapping them in moving pads or special boxes. House moving companies can do these steps for you, but you can save money by doing some of it yourself.

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