Moving Tips - Stay Organized during a Move

Great Ways to Stay Organized during a Move

If you have a big move coming up, you may be worried about how to keep everything organized for shipping and unpacking. Moving is bad enough when it comes to stress without the added issues of disorganization. There are some simple steps you can take to keep yourself organized throughout your move. Consider the tips below to do just that.

Group by Room
You can start the organization process by grouping your property by room. If you have to combine one room in your current home with another, get all of that stuff in one chunk so you can move it all together. If you plan on splitting a room into two different rooms, group your items accordingly.

Pack Early on
The sooner you start packing, the better off you will be. By taking on the project slowly and consistently, you won’t be as stressed out for the move. That will make it easier to stay organized because you won’t be tempted to just throw everything together. Never assume you will organize something at the new place. Instead, do the hard part now so unpacking turns into a breeze. You’ll enjoy your new place more that way.

Box Similar Items Together
It’ll make your life a lot easier if you can box items together that will logically go together, like your printer and your ink or your dishes and your silverware. Try to plan out your house as you pack so you can get things put away a lot faster.

Have a Color Coating System
If you can buy some solid colored stickers, you can put them on the outside of the boxes based on the room that each box will go in. that way you have a quick reference on moving day without having to read about what is actually in the boxes.

Label the Boxes
As always, labels are going to be crucial for staying organized during relocation. Make sure you have a detailed list of the box’s content on the outside. You could even use colored markers that match the color coated stickers you used before for a cohesive look.

Pack the Truck Room by Room
Try to load up your moving van room by room. That will keep all like items in the same basic area and make them a lot easier to relocate whenever they come out of the truck. Be sure to stack the heaviest boxes on the bottom so they don’t smash the lighter ones.

Great Ways to Stay Organized during a Move

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